our stolen futurea book by theo colborn, dianne dumanoski, and john peterson myers



about this book...


"could become the biggest scientific and public-relations bombshell to hit the chemical industry since rachel l. carson's 1962 classic, silent spring.
business week

our stolen future


foreword by vice president al gore

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"its subject is so important and its story so powerful that it deserves to be read by the widest possible audience."
new york times book review



"fascinating, provocative...a dramatic and important cautionary tale that will be the catalyst for environmentalism in the 21st century."
boston globe



…a book about the health and environmental threats created by man-made chemical contaminants that intefere with hormones in humans and wildlife.

endocrine disrupting chemicals alter development of the fetus in the womb by interfering with the natural hormonal signals directing fetal growth. their impacts, sometimes not detectable until years or decades after exposure, include reduced disease resistance, diminished fertility and compromised intelligence and behavior.

our stolen future tells the story of how endocrine disruption was discovered, how it works what it means, and how families can protect themselves and their communities, all in clear, simple language intended for a general audience.


"frightening...an important and compelling acount of modern scientific discovery that shatters the assumptions behind much of this country's environmental protection tradition. should spark a firestorm of controversy."
san francisco chronicle

visit this site to follow new developments in the scientific exploration begun with our stolen future, an exploration that poses important challenges to the way government and industry manage chemicals in the environment.  

"a frightening, detective-style narrative that details for the lay public many of the research studies under discussion in washington."
wall street journal

an epilogue in the us paperback edition has important new scientific findings released since the hardback went to press, through september 1996.

developments since then are covered by this website.



"a chilling account of a fascinating scientific discovery. all who are concerned with preserving the earth and the health of its children and grandchildren will find this book both important and rewarding."
robert redford


our stolen future was first published by dutton, peguin books (ny) in 1996 (isbn 0-525-93982-2). the paperback version was released in by plume/penguin, march 1997. it is available from amazon.com and other booksellers.

our stolen future is now available in 14 languages.





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