Our Stolen Futurea book by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers



Journalistic sources on endocrine disruption

The Why Files

Funded by the National Science Foundation and now part of the of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, the Why Files ("science behind the news") summarizes basic information (as of 1997) about hormone disruption in easily accessible format rich with graphics.



Environmental Media Services

A communications clearinghouse working to increase media coverage of environmental issues by providing journalists with reliable and timely information. One of the main topics covered is Chemicals and Health.



Science News

A weekly journal available on-line that covers the latest breaking science.



Foundation for American Communications (FACS) News Backgrounder

Provides a briefing paper for journalists on Gender-Bending Chemicals (see section on Environment).



Society of Environmental Journalists

An professional membership organization of over 1,000 journalists working on the environmental beat. SEJ has published several issues briefings for its membership on endocrine disruption and environmental health topics (use the search option on their site).






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